Residential Services

  • Is it time for that addition you were thinking about?
  • Is your mother moving in?
  • Is your sink in the wrong spot?
  • Is your family room too dark?
  • Is that crack just cosmetic or a sign of a bigger problem?
Be sure to get the most for your construction or renovation dollar.

Our Services -

Before design, we review information on your home or site to evaluate potential solutions and give an estimate of our fees.

Using your preferences, we suggest design alternatives based on our training and experience. We prepare layouts based on how you want your house to function. We review preliminary design options and costs to be sure that the final design is what you envisioned and what you can afford. For construction documents, we create specifications and details for durable, problem-free results.

Renovations can include structural changes and state-of-the-art systems upgrades for heating, cooling, electrical and communications. A comprehensive design today can be your blueprint for future renovations and lifestyle changes. Remember that a well-designed home has a higher market value.